The Mule rolls for initiative

Welcome to The Mule Abides, our group blog devoted to Old School role-playing games.  We’re a party of low-level Bloggers who delve the New York City megadungeon and explore the wilderness sandbox of Internet gaming.  We’ve found shockingly little treasure in either venue, but then again casualties have been light.  So far.

Which is a cute way of saying we’re gamers in NYC starting a group blog to talk about Old-Timey role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, Traveller, Tunnels & Trolls, and games of similar vintage.  Because we have different gaming histories and eclectic tastes, we’ll also talk about a wide variety of other games, but we’ll try to relate these back to the “first generation” role-playing games somehow.

Ideally most of our posts will touch on playing these games: the thing that makes The Mule Abides unique, or at least uncommon, is that we’re bloggers who role-play together.  This gives us common points of reference, and also serves as a launch point for group discussions.  Eventually we might get into theorizing for its own sake, but I think it’s important to keep these speculations grounded very solidly in actual experience at the table.

We gathered ’round our own gaming table – the huge hardwood conference table at Cafe 28 – a few weeks after Gary Gygax passed away in March 2008.  We wanted to roll some 3d6’s in order as a way of paying respects to a stranger who had enriched our childhoods.  We had a blast, and we’ve been playing some variation on Dungeons & Dragons regularly for the past eighteen months.  Someday I hope to make it to Level 2.   If you want to suffer relentless indignities yet die laughing, swing on by when you’re in the neighborhood.

Thanks, Gary.

The blog takes its name for our group’s gaming mascot, Bill the Mule.  Bill has survived something like thirteen dungeon expeditions as the poor adventurers around him die like flies.  He’d be our institutional memory if anyone survived long enough to research a speak with mule spell.  At this point, ensuring Bill’s continued survival as we’re desperately driven into more perilous parts of the dungeon is a major concern: he’s our lucky thirteenth member, and has even inspired our variant alignment system (about which more later).

But fundamentally The Mule Abides sounds a little more family-friendly than our runner-up choice, Strangling the Flesh Golem.

I’m starting this blogging adventure with some trepidation.  I’ve got enough 1980’s gamer baggage to still feel a little embarrassed about my pastime, and I’m in a profession that’s extremely conservative.  But the hell with that – I want to have fun with my friends, and I want to talk about it.  On the Internet.  With you.

My name is James, and I play Dungeons & Dragons.

2 Responses to “The Mule rolls for initiative”

  1. 1 Scott LeMien
    December 29, 2011 at 9:54 pm

    STFG was teh win.

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