When deliberation needs to be done

In watching the first episode of I Hit it With My Axe the following exchange caught my ear, because it so captures an emergent behavior of D&D.  And because we at the Mule spent yesterday trash-talking about the very same issue.

Sasha: “…and then there is a lot of deliberation…”

Sasha: ” I like deliberation when deliberation needs to be done, but sometimes you just go back and forth and say the same thing over and over, and -”

Zak: “- and whose fault is that?”

Sasha: “All of ours”

The potential for what is sometimes called analysis/paralysis is rife in D&D.  Coming to terms with how those discussions work, and finding a balance of approach(es) fun for all the players is an integral part of the D&D experience.   If the group does not have fun with those situations, the game will not be fun.  But once the deliberation part of the game is fun… people are hooked.

I can’t wait to see more episodes; it is going to be really cool to see what other familiar conversations come up.  Grats to Zak and his players for making this happen.  My hat is off to you…

2 Responses to “When deliberation needs to be done”

  1. March 18, 2010 at 4:43 am

    I use an egg timer, (specifically a timer players can see and know that time is wasting). While they’re deliberating the world moves on around them. Whether that means bad guys prep another buff spell, wandering monster encounter, or fake dice rolls behind the screen cause actually nothing much is going on.

    I’m not a Nazi with it, cutting short roleplay or player planning. But when the A/P kicks in or the group stalemates I whip it out and it gets the show on the road!

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