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Red Box Workshop: The Mentalist PC

must... control... minds!


Countless forms of magic exist throughout the planes, not all of which rely on arcane books and spells. Adepts of the art of mentalism hone the powers of the mind to achieve purely psychic feats. Their powers range from simple extrasensory tricks to outright mind control.

The prime requisites for a mentalist are Wisdom and Charisma. A mentalist character whose Wisdom or Charisma score is 13 or higher will receive a 5% bonus on earned experience. Mentalists whose Wisdom and Charisma scores are 13 or higher will receive a 10% bonus to earned experience.

RESTRICTIONS: Mentalists use four-sided dice (d4) to determine their hit points. They may not employ armor or shields, and may only use a dagger for a weapon. Mentalists must have a minimum score of 9 in Intelligence and Wisdom.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: A mentalist has a number of psychic powers (see PSYCHIC POWERS, below). The mentalist’s player chooses which powers to take at each level. Mentalists are allowed a saving throw vs. spells to avoid the effects of mental powers and abilities that do not normally allow a saving throw, such as the ESP spell. Due to their powers of mind over matter, mentalists may base their bonus hit points off of Wisdom or Charisma instead of Constitution.

PSYCHIC POWERS: Mentalist powers are innate. Mentalists do not need spell books, nor do they prepare spells as do clerics, elves and magic-users. Instead, a mentalist has a number of psychic powers that she may employ at will, once per round, during the magic phase of the combat sequence. Treat these as magic spells for purposes of saving throws, dispel magic, etc. The DM is encouraged to adjust the spell selection as desired; for example, a DM with access to AD&D or OSRIC rules might add command, sanctuary, scare and tongues to the mentalist’s power selection.

Whenever the mentalist employs a psychic power, she suffers damage equal to the power’s level due to strain. This is as lethal as physical injury! A full night’s rest restores all hit points lost to psychic strain; such damage cannot be cured by any other means short of a wish.

Mentalist abilities are blocked by willpower. If a target successfully saves against a psychic power, it gains a non-cumulative +4 bonus to all saving throws against all psychic powers until the next time it rests. Furthermore, the target will perceive the source and general intent of the failed power; this may provoke an unwelcome response.

First Level Psychic Powers:
1) Detect Evil
2) Psychic Invisibility (as Invisibility, but each observer of equal or higher hit dice gets a save vs. spells to spot the mentalist)
3) Know Alignment
4) Mesmerize (as Snake Charm, but affects any creatures of at least animal intelligence)
5) Mind Over Matter (as either Resist Cold or Resist Fire, only affecting the caster)
6) Remove Fear (the reverse, Cause Fear, may not be used until the mentalist reaches level 4; treat this as a second level psychic power)

Second Level Psychic Powers:
1) Boost Morale (aka Bless)
2) Charm Person
3) ESP
4) Psychic Phantasm (as Phantasmal Force, but only one target perceives the illusion)
5) Sleep
6) Speak with Animals

Third Level Psychic Powers:
1) Clairvoyance
2) Locate Object
3) Hold Person
4) Mind Bar (used in response to a psychic power or other mind-affecting ability, gives the mentalist an additional saving throw)
5) Psychic Invisibility 10’ Radius (as Invisibility 10’ Radius, but each observer of equal or higher hit dice gets a save vs. spells to spot the invisible group)
6) Speak with Plants

Fourth Level Psychic Powers:
1) Charm Monster
2) Confusion
3) Feeblemind
4) Magic Jar

Fifth Level Psychic Powers:
1) Contact Other Plane
2) Geas
3) Hold Monster
4) Psychic Crush (aka Finger of Death)

Level Title 1 2 3 4 5
1 Sensitive 1
2 Percipient 2
3 Empath 3
4 Hypnotist 3 1
5 Telepath 3 2
6 Psychic 4 2
7 Clairvoyant 4 2 1
8 Mesmerist 4 2 2
9 Mentalist 4 3 2
10 Master Mentalist 4 3 2 1
11 11th Level Master Mentalist 4 3 2 2
12 12th Level Master Mentalist 4 3 3 2
13 13th Level Master Mentalist 4 3 3 2 1
14 14th Level Master Mentalist 4 3 3 2 2

SAVING THROWS: As magic-users.


ADVANCEMENT: As per the magic-user advancement table.

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