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Spiritual Mishaps

Once an OD&D cleric reaches seventh level, they are able to cast raise dead.  This removes some, but not all of the sting of death*.  But once sundered, the bond between body and soul may not be seamlessly repaired – and death surely has a hangover worse than a headache and unexpected tattoo.  Here are some random things that might happen to someone who has returned.

  1. Death rejects you: next save versus death +5
  2. Death irritated to have lost you: next save versus death at -5; failure results in bodily/spiritual disintegration
  3. You have caught a spiritual sickness in the underworld: -1 to saves vs. death, poison, paralyzation, stone
  4. Hitchhiker!  Ride-along weak spirit saps a hit point a day until evicted.
  5. Hitchhiker!  Second soul can seize control in times of stress, as magical sword.  level (1+ 2d6). 1-2 MU, 3-4 Cleric, 5-6 FM.  Roll INT and use WIS instead of ego.
  6. Hitchhiker!  Demonic possession.  Lose 1-3 points of wisdom, gain 1-6 hit points.  Lawful swords will have nothing to do with you, no matter your alignment.
  7. Hitchhiker!  Guardian spirit, will act once to save your life then disappear.
  8. Not fully back: you are slightly out of phase with this plane.  -1 to AC, -1 to initiative**
  9. Kindred spirits!  Spectres and Ghosts seek you out and are chatty instead of attacking.
  10. Sentient undead are envious, always attack you first.
  11. Your soul expanded slightly, no longer fits body.  +1 STR, -1 DEX
  12. “Just not the same.”  Lose any and all past NPC henchmen, retainers, friends.  -1 CHA
  13. Zombie impression at will; zombies will ignore you.
  14. You can now hit magical/ethereal creatures without needing a special weapon.
  15. Unnatural: cleric spells and god-inspired magic will no longer affect you.
  16. You return able to speak an ancient eldritch language.
  17. You return only able to speak an ancient eldritch language.
  18. Two copies of you come back.
  19. Deathly afraid…  You must now make morale roles as NPC retainer, and flee when indicated.
  20. You are back in your body, but your soul is in the possession of someone else…

 Various mechanics could be used with this table; e.g., re-order from worst to best option (you choose!) and let the level of the cleric determine how big a die the player gets to roll.

Ideally this table should have 100 entries.  What do you suggest? 

* The fine print: works only if your body is intact, not too much time has passed, you are not a hobbit, and you survive your roll against adversity…
** For those using exotic AC systems: lag makes you harder to hit, but your reaction time is slow.

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