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Your Zork Map is Art and It’s Needed in Copenhagen

Map from the PlaGMaDA collection

Timothy Hutchings is known to White Sandbox players as the dwarf Mallo Beer-bane and to others as (among other things) the curator of the Cursed Chateau exhibit, the editor responsible for the animation wizardry in the Kickstarter video for Adventurer Conqueror King , a panelist in the Dungeons & Dragons in Contemporary Art discussion, and one of the Doomslangers artists. In the latter context he was described as

a gamer and visual artist who often betrays the viewers’ sympathies and trust while delving into the history of film, minimal aesthetics, and chance based conflict resolution. He has shown work at the Kunsthalle Wien, The New Museum of Contemporary Art and Socrates Sculpture Park.

Since I am passing on a request from Tim for help, I feel obliged to say that this thing about betraying trust must be some of that “not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good” art-world lingo; Tim’s sympathies lie with all things awesome and trusting him has always worked out well in my experience.

The request comes from beneath Tim’s hat as the archivist of PlaGMaDA, the Play-Generated Maps and Documents Archive:

I need more maps made for video/computer game play for the FACT
.  The latest incarnation is being shown at a contemporary
art museum in Copenhagen
.  I would need the maps in hand by Oct 25th
at the latest, and will reimburse for shipping.  I will return the
maps within four months or so.   Interested parties should contact me
at, with FACT MAPS in the email title.

What are you waiting for? Museumgoers and/or those looking to find Flood Control Dam #3 are awaiting your handiwork!

Past Adventures of the Mule

October 2011

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