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intergang terror taxi chart

How did Inter-Gang (or the Maggia, or your Silver Age super-world’s version of the Five Families) modify their getaway vehicle?  This chart is written with Marvel Super Heroes in mind but I’ll try to keep it stat-less.

  1. Pistons Glisten, Ultra-High Performance.  Take a decent upgrade (+2 column shifts in Marvel) to the car’s Speed, Control, Body, or other relevant stat.  If you feel like it, upgrade multiple stats.  (Taxis in Marvel Super Heroes default to Typical Control, Good Speed, and Good Body.)
  2. Weapons of the Gods.  You don’t need this chart to put machine-guns in the headlights, though that’s a classic.  Instead:  cannonball ninja, hypno-headlights, poisoned hood ornament for ramming, carzooka.
  3. Peril of the Palooka Passenger.  Joey Bananas is a big burly dude (Excellent Fighting, Excellent Strength) in the passenger seat with magnetized boots so he can crawl out on top of the car and punch anybody.  He’ll stay attached to the car despite its maneuvers (or if it crashes…)
  4. Weird Travel.  Flying car and boat car are classics of course.  Maybe turns into a pogo car, stilt car, hovercraft car, hangglider car, blimp car, expands into Bigfoot with car-plow to smash through traffic.
  5. Hands Off!  Electrified, camouflage, timed mines, robot pheromones, quicksand finish sucks people inside
  6. Crash Proof.  Reinforced, with multiple safety harnesses, to ignore crash damage.  Drive accordingly.  (In Marvel Supers: car absorbs 50 points of crash damage for passengers, but restraints mean that they can’t leap free.)
  7. Healing Factor.  Everyone in the Marvel Universe has a “healing factor,” so obviously some cars have it too.
  8. Knight Industries 2K11.  Terror Taxi is intelligent.  Terror Taxi hates you.  Terror Taxi is, frankly, HAL in a car’s body and Michael eventually was killed by carbon monoxide which is why the series was canceled.
  9. Double Trouble.  Yes, the car splits into two motorcycles, or a go-cart and an auto-gyro.
  10. Pick One and Roll Again.  If your second roll is a 10, then the Terror Taxi you just rolled up is a decoy, and the real action is really with a perfectly ordinary, nondescript car heading in the opposite direction.


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