what does it take to run a Dungeoneer bachelor party?

I am happy to say that my friend – New York Red Box’s foner, known to those who follow the White Sandbox campaign as the player of E.N. Lightenment, cleric of the Killing Frost – is getting married. I am further happy because his brother has had the wisdom to hire my company Adventuring Parties LLC to put together the bachelor party.

As often happens when you make a business out of a hobby, this involves doing stuff I would be delighted to be asked to do for a friend for free. The main advantage of being able to treat it as a job is that I can better justify to my wife why I will be schlepping out to Harrisburg, PA to play roleplaying games all weekend. (My first instinct was to reach out to Rob Conley and see if Adventuring Parties could employ his immense talents for this gig, but apparently PA is so large that I am still closer to Harrisburg than other Pennsylvanians are. Who knew?) Justification was achieved without having to make rhetorical arguments about how she should be glad Adventuring Parties isn’t in the traditional bachelor party business, in which case I would be going away all weekend to get drunk and hoot at strippers.

The other advantage is that having a budget for this party allows me to indulge my passion for stuff. We chose Paul Jaquays’ classic Night of the Walking Wet scenario as the basis for the bachelor party, first published in his Dungeoneer fanzine in June of 1977. The party favors for guests reflect this theme:

I had a great time at the North Texas RPG Con going through Badmike’s giant bins of Judges’ Guild stuff and picking up these later issues of Dungeoneer, so I am happy that giving these out to the party guests will clear the way for me to have this experience all over again at NTRPG this year.

Also on the stuff tip: Needing to deliver a gaming experience worth paying for gives me the motivation to bust out the top-shelf liquors and the foxiest strippers, so to speak. Here is the kit I’m bringing to assist me in playing the role of Judge for this expedition:

The ones you might not recognize here are a Men & Magic-styled compilation of the Adventurer Conqueror King rules that face towards the players, which I’ll be using to help us get on board with domain-level play if we choose (this is a good scenario in which to levy mercenary armies and undertake the rebuilding of a ruined stronghold!), and the spellbook compiled by the mages of the White Sandbox’s Grey Company, which will add a little Eldrich Weirdness, Arduinian gonzo, and player-driven inspiration to the incantations our casters choose to memorize. Both were compiled and laid out by Red Box’s jedo, who makes it look easy, and printed via Lulu.

The White Box and those two Dungeoneer issues were bought by my first wife’s elder siblings at the Argosy Book Shop in Grand Rapids, MI. (In case mentioning a former marriage, like giving knives, is considered bad luck for a soon-to-be newlywed, let me point out that it wasn’t until my second wife that I got to have a D&D bachelor party; the fact that you’re doing this right from the start predicts a lifetime of happiness without requiring a do-over.)

At NTRPG Paul said that he remembered cold-sending issue #1, on top, to area stores like this one in hopes that they would pick up a subscription. I should have put issue #5 on top in this picture, because it is the one on whose cover a bearded, big-footed, cigar-smoking wizard in a hat marked DM poses the question at hand:

I like how the cover implies that the essential test of one’s ability to defeat a deity is one’s willingness to plunk down 60 cents (50 p in the UK!) for dis ‘zine. It would be good marketing to say that I similarly trust that anyone savvy enough to hire Adventuring Parties has what it takes. But in this case, I know that to be true just because everyone there will be friends and family of my friend Carl, and there is no better recommendation for people I want to party with in the realm of the Slime God.

14 Responses to “what does it take to run a Dungeoneer bachelor party?”

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    November 18, 2011 at 12:28 pm

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  2. November 18, 2011 at 1:44 pm

    I hope that anyone who does contact Prof. Infect for their spell-casting needs will please report on the subsequent conversation. You need not disclose the nature of your problem you needed his help to overcome, if this is a sensitive topic.

  3. November 18, 2011 at 2:01 pm

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  4. November 18, 2011 at 2:35 pm

    It is a distinction I’ve long hungered for. We did it, Tavis! We did it!

    Also: have fun with everyone there, and an indefinite number of years of wedded bliss to Carl and his fiancee, who is also cool and goodhearted.

  5. 5 Brandon Holmes
    November 18, 2011 at 7:40 pm

    You may not have realized it Tavis but you and Alex actually DM’d my bachelor party at Gencon. I didn’t want a typical crazy bachelor party so I convinced two of the groomsmen to go with me on a road trip from Canada.
    We didn’t realize the events would be filled up so fast (we had never been to a con before) and the one thing I wanted most, to play a game of D&D together with them, looked like it wasn’t going to happen for us.

    As luck would have it I happened upon you as you were putting the ACKS books out at the old school booth. After I purchased the book you offered to let us go to your hotel room to test the system out. I have to say I was ecstatic, we would get to play D&D together after all! You may not have realized it but you ACKS guys made our whole trip for us and made my bachelor party a memorable, absolute blast! I can’t imagine better DMs than you two guys and best of all, we literally played for hours and hours with you over two days. Ryan Browning and the other guys that played were amazing as well.

    Funnily enough I just started buying up a ton of Judges Guild stuff and we began our first campaign in almost a decade just last week. The ACKS rules and Judges Guild material are a big part of my homebrew system.

    I have no doubt that with a combination of ACKS, Judges Guild material and booze, this bachelor party is sure to be a big success! Have fun and thanks again!

    P.S. If you ever come up to the Toronto area let me know. I’d love to hire you this time :)

  6. 6 Shane
    November 19, 2011 at 5:53 am

    Tavis helped connect me with a DM in Houston TX to do a bachelor party for my brother. It was a blast!

  7. November 21, 2011 at 3:11 pm

    The bachelor party was full of awesome! Apart from the expected – excellent players, mind-blowing Jaquays dungeon, fun roleplaying intelligent swords, how much adventuring you can get done playing with a small group across three days – our host was one of the attendees of the Shippensburg D&D camp, and I got to look through a fascinating adventure created for the Camp’s DMs that he still had. More about all this cool stuff soon!

    Brandon, that’s awesome that we were unknowingly able to hook you and your groomsmen up with a gaming bachelor party experience! I will let you know if I’m ever in Toronto for sure. Note that Adventuring Parties can also find local GMs for events that are outside the NYC area, as Shane says. Everything I heard about that one from GM Nick made me sad I couldn’t be there; it was great to have the experience of doing a bachelor party myself this weekend!

  8. November 24, 2011 at 12:38 am

    A “Judges Guild” batchelor party? Sounds awesome!

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