Support the Positive Representation of D&D in the Media

On Facebook, Ethan Gilsdorf asks:

for a photo shoot for a national newspaper story I’m working on, I’m looking for ideas of places to send a photographer to take pix of folks playing D&D. know of any gaming shops/gaming groups with events/games this week?

I’ve already suggested that the gaming events Adventuring Parties is organizing around the  Dungeons and Dragons On & Ever Onward show I posted about yesterday should provide some great photo opportunities. For those who don’t want to follow links, we’re doing an opening night party tomorrow and another celebrating Adventurer Conqueror King’s recent distribution deal on Thursday, both from 7 until 11 pm at the Soho Gallery for Digital Art on 138 Sullivan St.

My fellow gamers, it is time to stand up and be counted. (That sounds less painful than “stand up and be shot,” and more interesting than “sit down and have your picture taken”.) If you want to ensure that the folks who read newspapers get an accurate view of people who play D&D, come out and be one of those people this Wednesday or Thursday night. If you’re not in NYC, pass the word to anyone you know who is!

There will be games being run, or you could bring your existing group and run your regular weeknight game at the gallery. There will be wine and cheese, beer and Doritos. There will be awesome gaming-related art and, on Thursday night, there will be Michael Mornard:

I was one of Gary Gygax’ original gaming group, I was part of Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor group, and I taught MAR Barker to play D&D and was part of his first EPT group. I have credits in Greyhawk and the 1st Ed AD&D PHB. I’m living here in NY and I’m interested in the event. I also have brought to NYC my LBB set, my dice including a circa 1972 d20, and my AD&D 1E DMG autographed and personalized by Gary Gygax. I’m looking forward to seeing the event and maybe rolling some dice. I’d also be happy to talk about “Ye Olde Dayse” if anybody’s interested.

What we need now is you and/or your NYC-area friends!

UPDATE: I’ve got confirmation that the newspaper will be sending a photographer to Thursday’s event; they also took my recommendation to get some shots of the Encounters program, Wizards of the Coast’s organized play program to introduce new players to 4E, at the Twenty Sided Store in Williamsburg on Wednesday night. Which is to say that if you went to both you’d have two chances to be one of the the public faces of roleplaying to the wider audience of people who don’t know what it is. Alternatively, if you just want to check out cool art and play games in a nice gallery space but don’t want your picture taken, Wednesday at the Soho Gallery of Digital Art is a safe bet.

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