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there’s a new sheriff in town

Well, if Joesky can find the strength to post, so can I.  He is the beery wind beneath my wings.

attention must be paid

Ain’t my campaign, but word in the New York Red Box is that co-blogger Charlatan has hit the level cap for his bad-ass Halfling, Cut Coutelain, who has struggled all the way up from Level 1 in a fairly by-the-book B/X game.  Strongholds and dominion rules await, if Cut hasn’t blown all his cash building a “burrow boxing” arena for his kin-folk.  I don’t follow the blogs enough, but I’m wondering if anyone else has gone from 0 XP to Name Level since the OSR really got rolling 5-6 years ago.  It’s taken Charlatan something like 150 sessions.

The verdict among our Red Box crew, by the way, is that the Halfling may be one of the very best classes in B/X.  Great saves, very respectable attacks, an absolutely sick ability to hide outdoors (and respectable odds of hiding indoors), plus the ability to get Dex 18 with the Moldvay point-swapping model which yields a great AC and terrific bonuses to ranged combat.  In B/X, a Halfling can build a stronghold any she has enough cash – which could be pretty damn early in the campaign.  All wrapped up with a Fighter’s XP curve and mid-tier hit-dice.  True, the music stops at 128,000 XP, but that apparently takes 150 sessions of play.  If D&D Classes mean you are what you repeatedly do, it’s no wonder the Hobbit Halfling gets to have his cake and eat it too.

Hurray for Sheriff Coutelain, champion of the half-sized pugilists!


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