Orc Stomp

Orc Stomp is a 5K fun run being held twice at this year’s Gen Con – once on Thursday at 8 am, and once on Friday at 6 am. I didn’t get it together in time to register, but will be doing it anyways on Thursday morning. If there’s room, I’ll join in with generic tickets; if not, I’ll cheer on the official runners and then do the route myself once they wrap up.

Click for the Orc Stomp page on Facebook!

I’m currently training to run an entire 5K without walking, which hasn’t happened yet. Yesterday’s combined walk/run time gives me an ACKS movement rate of 76 feet per round, which falls woefully short of the 120′ I should be able to do as an unencumbered human. However that pace is an average of my speed over 228 rounds. ACKS assumes I can only run at 120′ for a number of my rounds equal to Constitution x 2, after which I will become exhausted and have to walk at 40’/round for the next 60 rounds until I can run again. Somewhere in there is a way to calculate my Constitution score, which vanity and/or laziness compels me to put off until my time improves a little.

I heard about the 5K at last year’s con from Rich Rogers, who I’d gotten to know online when he interviewed me for the Canon Puncture podcast and then met in person when he stopped by for the continuous Adventurer Conqueror King demo game. I’d been finding that doing things like running up the hotel steps was helping me stay alert during said extravaganza, so I was excited to commit to something longer and more structured at this year’s convention. Rich interviewed me recently for This Just In… From Gen Con – you can hear the results here – and hooked me up with some 5K guides from Active.com that helped me get started. Rich is going to be running on both Thursday and Friday morning, and it would not surprise me if he will also be running to and from each of the far-flung This Just In reports he’s got scheduled throughout the con.

Also planning to run on Thursday are Andrew Pascal and James Sprattley, two-thirds of the team behind the forthcoming Dungeons & Dragons: A Documentary. At least one of them is training to do a marathon, so they are probably fully capable of discussing the project during the run. (I’m still at the stage where I’m breathing too hard to talk, against the advice of those running guides.)

Other less-strenuous opportunities to learn about what promises to be a truly excellent documentary (and meet third member of the team Anthony Savini, who plans to sleep in on Thursday) will be the Filmmakers Meet & Greet on Friday at 10 am, and the panel devoted to their documentary on Friday at 4. Following a ten-minute preview of their footage, I’ll be moderating the panel discussion. Since this is scheduled immediately after the Kickstarter panel I’m on, getting from one to the other will provide me with another opportunity for running!


6 Responses to “Orc Stomp”

  1. August 9, 2012 at 11:45 pm

    Unless it’s gotten a lot bigger (possible), you should have no problem just joining in. I’ve done it before, and I plan on doing it again this year on Thursday morning. It’s basically a run on public sidewalks and paths, so while there is probably a limit to what they can officially promote, there’s no reason anyone couldn’t just go on a morning jog that corresponds to the fun run. There’s plenty of space on those paths, and people tend not to spread out a little bit as they fall into whatever pace is comfortable for them.

    I’ll probably see you there!

  2. 2 Witness
    August 10, 2012 at 2:13 am

    Unless I’m miscalculating something, your Constitution is about 24 >.>

  3. 3 troll4death
    August 10, 2012 at 3:16 am

    This is cool I never knew about it before and I have been to Gencon six times. However, every time I have gone I have always found something new and exciting. I’m going to miss it this year but next year. Love the fact they calculate out a con score!

  4. August 10, 2012 at 8:48 pm

    Thanks for the mention!

    Calculating a Con score as a measure of your 5k time? This is a fantastic idea! Can I steal it for the Orc Stomp??

  5. August 11, 2012 at 3:13 pm

    You bet! I also used the WMA age-graded calculator, where my score of 38% either meant that my Con is not really 24 or that, thanks to modern medicine and nutrition, Con 24 is still notably sub-average.

  6. August 13, 2012 at 1:17 am

    I’m thinking it through still, but surely T2 = T1 x (D2/D1)1.06 comes into it somehow. (An equivalent effort formula http://www.jennyhadfield.com/racepredict.html)

    Using Pathfinder, if I assume that everyone takes 10’s on their CON checks every round after running CON x 6 seconds and stops when they fail one, and then convert that effort to 5k distance with the above formula I get times ranging from CON 10 (5k time 15:54) to CON 18 (5k time 15:12). The top end seems nice, being solidly in National Class for a 25 year old male, (leaving higher CON scores for World Class athletes) but the math is terrible going down from there.

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