Dolphins Rape People, Brooklyn 9/30/12

On my way to the Games that Can’t Be Named where I first saw people playing Everything is Dolphins, I came across a DOLPHINS RAPE PEOPLE sticker on Houston St. (This is apparently both true and part of a viral marketing campaign, in which I guess I am now complicit.)

The synchronicity was every bit as weird as the intrusion of rape culture into my daily life. I had to Google dickwolves, although I do run into prison rape jokes often enough that it’s my current go-to answer for “what aspect of contemporary life is like slavery in that we accept it as normal in a way future generations will be horrified by”. (In college the popular candidate was “eating meat,” but I say to hell with that. My grandkids will no doubt be freaked out when they realize that their dad grew up eating meat that came from killing animals instead of cells grown in a vat, but that’ll take a lot of figuring out.)

I bring this up because I’ll be playing Everything is Dolphins this Sunday at the game’s release party, which is being held at the Brooklyn DIY space confusingly called Shea Stadium. I have no fear that dolphins raping people will be part of the fictional events because I’ve played with many of the GMs who are listed as running Dolphins at the event and they are good-hearted folks, Ray’s Cyberpanky N.O.W. – an homage to R. Talsorian’s trying too hard to be edgy back in the day – notwithstanding.

As a rule we’re on the wrong continent for LARPing gang rape, which I also had to Google after Jason Morningstar opened my eyes to games that mess with the concept of “the bleed” during a highly enjoyable lunch at Durham’s Backyard BBQ Pit. I can well imagine a scenario in James’ proposed Watchmen campaign where Adrian Veight decided to invent Gang Rape to avert Armageddon between old-schoolers and story-gamers by giving them a common RPG enemy – although Jason and I are hardly our respective sides’ ideal cold warriors, and when I was in Oslo I had a great time hanging out with Matthijs whose description of We Eat Murder seems to me equally likely to have been a Veight Ent. fakery designed to unite Americans in nerd-rage.

Anyways reasons you might care about the Everything is Dolphins release party:

  1. If you are in the NYC area, or just like to know that gaming is happening in non-traditional spaces and reaching different audiences, this is Shea Stadium’s inaugural event of this kind. I hope that it’ll be successful enough to be the first of many. Come out and show your support! Tell your friends!
  2.  Dolphins publisher PlaGMaDA, the Play-Generated Maps and Documents Archive, continues to hatch stuff of interest to gamers everywhere. They’ve recently launched a Kickstarter to fund a book of ’80s fan-created D&D modules, The Habitition of the Stone Giant Lord & Other Adventures (which you can see in the archive here), and the Wired piece on it in their October issue also mentions that they’re raising money to make Dave Arneson’s papers available to the public through the archive:

Here’s the info on the event this Saturday – see you there!

We cordially invite you to a free party at Shea Stadium for the release of Ray Weiss’s first pen and paper role playing game, Everything is Dolphins. Here’s the list of activities.from 5 – 8, several dudes from bands (and otherwise) will be running games of EiD. Including:Eric Harm of Titus Andronicus

Brian Dudolevitch of The NuclearsHillary Livingston of Baby CastlesRay Weiss, author / of Butter The Children.(each table should be able to support 2-6 players)————————————————

At 8 begins a full fledged dance party featuring.

8PM DJ Mike Mckeever (Life Size Maps)


10PM DJ Zack Staggers (So So Glos)

11 DJ Baby Castles (Awesome DIY Video Games)


Copies of the game will be on sale at the party.

Goodies like shirts, sample adventures, and other cool shit all on sale for cheap.

Free Admission.

All Ages

20 Meadow Street, L train to Grand.

_.-~ )
_..–~~~~,’ ,-/ _
.-‘. . . .’ ,-‘,’ ,’ )
,’. . . _ ,–~,-‘__..-‘ ,’
,’. . . (@)’ —~~~~ ,’
/. . . . ‘~~ ,-‘
/. . . . . ,-‘
; . . . . – . ,’
: . . . . _ /
. . . . . `-.:
. . . ./ – . )
. . . | _____..—.._/ ____
~—~~~~—-~~~~ ~~

7 Responses to “Dolphins Rape People, Brooklyn 9/30/12”

  1. 1 richardjohnguy
    September 27, 2012 at 11:14 am

    I really wish I could be there (for the Dolphins event, not so much Gang Rape).
    I’m imagining that final salad of symbols being a translation of the post into whalesong notation.

  2. September 27, 2012 at 12:31 pm

    Just a small correction, new game is called Cyberpanky N.O.W. and it has a website at cyberpankynow.com

    <3 you Tavis

  3. September 27, 2012 at 12:36 pm

    Sunday, huh? I will be there, ready to get my Cetacean swerve on.

    In my old job, I usually spent at least one day a week talking to federal prisoners at various jails around the NYC area, sometimes about their cases (before sentencing) and then about their life stories (at the time of sentencing). Rape was never discussed, even though statistically it had to be happening, particularly for a gay sex worker.

    Partially I suspect that silence is a result of macho prison culture. Due to our larger culture’s attitudes toward sex and masculinity, admitting to being sexually violated is an admission that you’re the lowest possible status and the biggest victim in the place, and lack even the barest minimum of control over your life.

    But to a great extent I was also very reticent to bring the topic up myself. First, because it’s not something I know how to talk about with someone who’s evidently unwilling to discuss it. Second, because knowing your client is being raped, or is a rapist, would make me considerably more anxious and distressed about their case than I was already, and I was concerned that (in the latter case) it might affect my advocacy on their behalf.

    But while I agree that prison rape is an important and horrifying topic, I suspect the thing the next generation will be most baffled by is the Drug War itself, particularly against marijuana. As far as I can see, it’s essentially a huge jobs program (of which I myself benefitted), but is enormously socially destructive.

  4. September 27, 2012 at 12:54 pm

    @richardjohnguy, that’s ASCII art of a dolphin which I swiped off the Facebook page. It may look better there.
    @Ray, correction made and I also fixed a goof in my Watchmen references.
    @James, I think we’re talking about the same thing with regards to prison rape, that people will look back at our crimimal justice system and be like “what were people jailed for?” and “how was sentencing biased?” and “what percentage of the population was locked up?” and “who profited?” and find it incredible that the most visible discussion of it all in American society was “ha ha butt sex.” But I hear you about reticence – in all the conversations I’ve had with Chip Delany somehow I never get around to talking about Hogg – and in general I’m reluctant to talk about politics, and will likely regret deviating from that policy.

  5. September 27, 2012 at 1:26 pm

    You know Delany?

    Hogg is a pretty fucked up book, maybe the most fucked up I’ve read; I think I’d have a hard time NOT talking about it. That lack of reticence is in part because Delany makes very public, memorably controversial pronouncements about sexuality. It’s part of his public persona / brand.

    Whereas with the guys inside that I know, it’s more like talking to, if not a friend, then someone you work with pretty closely. You know this person likely has a sex life, and that life is likely not something they would choose for themselves normally but for a brutal system (of which you are an official representative). It’s very disturbing to contemplate, and in our broader culture it’s not something you discuss without some kind of permission. Whether my job and ethical duties gave me not only permission but an obligation to ask, is I guess a related question, but like I said I don’t think it would have helped my advocacy to know.

    As to the eliding all that horrible stuff with a tasteless joke: I think that’s how societies come to an accommodation with the violence that permits such societies to exist. I’m thinking blackface minstrel shows and that kind of thing. Probably in D&D-Land there are Goblin-Face performances, to help everyone feel good about slaughtering hordes of Chaotic beast-men.

  6. September 27, 2012 at 1:42 pm

    Yeah, I was in one of Chip’s undergrad classes when he taught at U. Mass Amherst, and my friend from those days Gil Roth later published some of his stuff like the letters collection 1984 (which is how I met Sang Lee who did illustrations for Behemoth3). Since the ’70s Chip has had an apartment on the Upper West Side, so I run into him not infrequently. I read something like 600 out of 800 pages of The Mad Man and felt as valorous as if I’d run most of a marathon, so my hat’s off to you for having actually tackled Hogg.

    I think goblin-face would be there help everyone feel good about the process of assimilating goblins into a multiracial society (which seems to be happening in Glantri, no?). Certainly in Fiji I sorely missed a cultural history of vaudeville cartoon guides on what to expect from people from other backgrounds, which served me pretty well with the Aussies and Kiwis I met; the lack of this for the native Fijians and Fijistani made it harder for me to know where I might find common ground. Groups that are actually being positioned as the forthcoming victim of genocide tend to get burned in effigy rather than made the subjects of light entertainment.

  7. October 2, 2012 at 1:04 am

    This was a bizarre experience, even for an experience in Bushwick which involved hanging out with DJ’s pretending to be dolphins. But pleasant enough. I am happy that Tim put it together, that Ray wrote the game, and that Tavis told me it existed!

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